Athens Riviera Villas

Athens Riviera Villas

150 Luxury Villas in Athens Greece

Athens Villas

Luxury Villas in Athens Riviera

An Athenian Slice of Heaven

The Athenian Riviera is the part of Attica stretching along the coastal road of Athens-Sounio and consists mostly of the suburbs of Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni and Varkiza. It is the Greek equivalent of the French Riviera and is considered one of the most beautiful, elegant and cosmopolitan parts of the main country. Following a stunning coastline with amazing gold-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and exclusive hotels and villas, this area offers a vibrant day and nightlife, and amazing beach-life experiences, just a breath away from the centre of Athens. It is home to some of the wealthiest families of Greece, who either reside here permanently or keep their holiday homes in the area.

Our Athens Riviera Villas

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  • Leyla
    Leyla 8 Bed Luxury Villa Leyla in Athens…  
  • Stasia
    Stasia 7 Bed Luxury Villa Stasia in Athens…  
  • Terentilo
    Terentilo 3 Bed Luxury Villa Terentilo in Athens…  
  • Ceronia
    Ceronia 8 Bed Luxury Villa Ceronia in Athens…  
  • Stellar
    Stellar 7 Bed Luxury Villa Stellar in Athens…  
  • Myla
    Myla 4 Bed Luxury Villa Myla in Athens…  
  • Alora
    Alora 4 Bed Luxury Villa Alora in Athens…  
  • Olivia
    Olivia 5 Bed Luxury Villa Olivia in Athens…  
  • Anna
    Anna 6 Bed Luxury Villa Anna in Athens…  
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Athens Riviera

Athens Riviera, Greece

When to Visit
As the Athenian Riviera is actually a part of Athens, it is a year-round destination for all. During summer months you will find yourself frequenting the amazing beaches and enjoying life at its very best in the numerous cosmopolitan beach bars and glamorous beach clubs, while at the same time you are just next to the city centre and all it has to offer every season of the year. The famous Athens’ bar scene, the award-wining restaurants, and the prestigious cultural and archaeological sites of Greece’s capital stand just a short drive away.

Why Athens Riviera
Well, why not? The Athenian Riviera is a place of stunning natural beauty that combines all the facilities and amenities of a modern metropolis with the relaxed manners and lifestyle of a cosmopolitan island. One minute you can be admiring the magnitude of the Acropolis and the next you can be unwinding in your plush daybed, sipping on a refreshing cocktail by the sea. If looking for life at its very best, well then this is it.

Athens Riviera Experiences
“What can I do when staying at the Athenian Riviera?”. You mean besides taking long walks along the coastline, admiring the sweeping sea views and the amazing sunsets, sipping creative cocktails on stunning beaches and partying with your toes in the sand, dining in renowned restaurants, gazing at the crystal-clear waters and enjoying long evenings of the most elegant version of the famous Greek nightlife, unwinding by your private pool in your luxurious villa? Well, not much!

All Our Villas Around Athens Riviera

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  • Agathoniki  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Alora  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Anna  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Anthea  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Anthelia  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Arete  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Aristi  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Cecropia  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Ceronia  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera
  • Charis  Villa | Vacation Rental Holiday in Athens Riviera

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