St Barths Villas

St Barths Villas
St. Barth Villas

70 Luxury Villas in Caribbean St Barths

St Barths Villas

    Luxury Vacation Rentals in St Barths

    A world of Unspoilt Beauty

    A small slice of heaven in the French West Indies, this tiny Caribbean island presents its eclectic crowd with an authentic luxury lifestyle, paradise-like beaches, high-end restaurants, legendary nightclubs, elegant designer stores and yacht-fringed turquoise waters. After a multi-step journey and a quite adventurous landing on a short airstrip just beside the sea -St. Barths is said to offer one of the most interesting airport experiences on the globe- guests succumb to the exotic charm of this purposely-hidden gem of the Caribbean sea.

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    • Nolan
      Nolan 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Corossol, Saint…  
    • Radley
      Radley 4 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Jasir
      Jasir 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Basile
      Basile 4 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Reve II
      Reve II 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Reve I
      Reve I 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Ruelle
      Ruelle 3 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Zorione
      Zorione 7 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Jovie
      Jovie 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Famke
      Famke 4 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Cyra
      Cyra 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Chriselle
      Chriselle 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Azrielle
      Azrielle 4 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Berenger
      Berenger 6 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Blaise
      Blaise 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Dion
      Dion 5 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Solaire
      Solaire 6 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
    • Sylvie
      Sylvie 6 Bed Luxury Villa in Saint Barth,…  
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    St Barths Lifestyle & Experience Packages

    Chalk-white sand beaches with waters so turquoise blue that you think they could only exist on screensaver pictures, pure elegance and quintessential glam, clifftop venues overlooking the red-roofed villas scattered along the verdant hillsides, luxurious mega yachts adorning the picturesque coastlines, film-star elegant crowd; if there indeed is a piece of paradise on earth, then St. Barths surely deserves the title. Without any discordance no matter how hard you look, and even after the serious damage brought to the island by a huge hurricane a few years ago obliging locals to rebuild a large part of it, St. Barths is the place to go if feeling like an ultra-exclusive holiday experience is what you really need.

    Over 20 tropical beaches, an abundance of fine dining venues and posh designer boutiques, legendary nightclubs, a world-famous local cosmetic brand, untouched natural beauty and feral all-green landscapes, luxurious boutique hotels, low-key wealth wherever you turn your eyes, amazing hiking trails and impossibly happy natives, here you will never run out of things to do or see, even though you need less than 30 minutes to get from one side of the island to the other.

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    St. Barth, Caribbean

    Saint Barths, Caribbean

    When to Visit
    November, December, and January constitute peak season here, and there is a chance one will be required to book a minimum of two weeks stay in order to get accommodation. However, since the weather is amazing almost all year round, there is no actual need to visit during X-mas holidays, as you can choose almost any other time and still enjoy this magical place to the fullest. Do note though that June to November is hurricane season, which means that the cost is way lower, but rain and wind could affect your holiday plans.

    Why St. Barths
    Apart from the fact that this tiny piece of land floating on turquoise waters is a sight for sore eyes and a jet-setters’ global favourite, at St. Barths you will witness a sui generis mixture of French charm and cosmopolitanism with a Caribbean flair. This small volcanic island embraced by warm shallow reefs and endless powdery white sand beaches is ideal for everyone, as it combines a laid-back summery feeling and exotic vibes with quintessential elegance and ultra-posh venues.

    Saint Barths Experiences
    There are countless of things to do and explore on St. Barths, which may come as a surprise considering how small the chicest of the Caribbean islands actually is. However, apart from laying under the sun all day and enjoying exotic cocktails with your feet buried in the sand, you can also get rather adventurous here. Catching a ride with a glass bottom boat to explore the colourful underwater world of the Caribbean sea is surely a must, as well as going on snorkelling or scuba diving adventures, always accompanied by experienced instructors.

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