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Effective December 2021

1. Introduction

1.1. Welcome to” (hereinafter “Website”), a website owned by the Single Member Private Company incorporated under the laws of Greece with the name “KENNEDY’S GROUP AND REAL ESTATE SINGLE MEMBER P.C.” (hereinafter “Company”, “we”, “KG”, “My Blossom”), established on 14.04.2021 with registration no 159000638000 at General Commercial Registry and has its seat at Mykonos Island, Cyclades, Greece, with TIN 801552482. Your use of the Website is accompanied by the following general Terms of Use (hereinafter “Terms of Use”).

1.1. With this Cookies Policy (hereinafter “Policy”, “Cookies Policy”), our Company with the name “MY BLOSSOM TRAVEL AND REAL ESTATE SINGLE MEMBER P.C.” (hereinafter “Company”, “we”, “Controller”, “MBT”, “My Blossom” ), provides to its website users and visitors (hereinafter “visitors”, “you”, “users”) information regarding the use of digital trackers (hereinafter “cookies”) for this website. Specifically, we provide you with necessary information on cookies definition, the type of cookies installed in your browser, the period timed they are stored, the type of data they collect, the purpose and the recipients to whom this data may be transferred.

1.2. Moreover, in this Policy, we inform you about the way to able or disable cookies, depending on the type of cookies and the browser used, although a deactivation may degrade your online experience and may make some features of Website unavailable.

1.3. We collect such data through cookies in order to help us improve the quality of the experience we offer to you during your navigation on our website.

1.4. This Policy may be amended anytime and will always be updated and posted in our website. The most recent amendment of this Policy is always considered as valid. The webpage user, reading this policy, is aware of the above-mentioned processing, which is in accordance with the applicable law for personal data protection.

2. Cookies definition

2.1 Cookies are small digital text files, which are placed by the websites you visit and are sent by the web server to the browser of each user, in which they are stored, when the user visits the website. Cookies’ purpose is to send information to the server each time the user performs specific functions on the website (e.g. selecting another webpage in the website, selecting a specific product in the webpage, selecting personal settings etc.) and widely used to make websites work more effectively, as well as to provide information to the website owners.

2.2. Cookies act as an identity of the website’s user, each time the user browses on it. The way the user is identified by the server is simple. The browser used by the user and once the user has visited the website, sends the cookie to the websites’ support server (by sending unique identifiers to the user, for example ip address, id, unique device identifier etc.). In this way data collection is implemented for reasons of connection security (load balancing, bot identification etc.), for statistical reasons or/and for marketing reasons, thus achieving personalized information to each user. The information they send to the server covers a wide range of information, such as identification information (username, e-mail, ip address or phone number). If you want to learn more about cookies, you can visit “” or “”.

2.3. However, this information can only be stored in website’s server (by storing digital trackers in each user’s browser), if only each user approves it (providing electronic approval). Exemption constitutes the stored information by the necessary (essential) cookies, which are absolutely necessary, for website’s operation, for security reasons or/and uninterrupted browsing by the user on the website. This information remains stored for a period of time depending on the cookie duration in user’s browser (persistent or non-persistent (session) cookies), unless the user deletes it from his browser.

3. Cookies used by this website

3.1. This website uses cookies and specifically the following cookies categories:

a. Necessary (essential) cookies

Necessary or essential cookies are used to support website’s necessary operations and help make a website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the website. The website cannot function properly without these cookies. The storage of these cookies is absolutely necessary, because, without specific cookies storage, the webpage cannot operate safely and uninterruptedly, resulting the user not to enjoy the security level and usability he seeks. The specific cookies are stored in user’s browser, without having the possibility of rejecting them, for the above-mentioned reasons. The rejection of these cookies would have the immediate effect of unsafe browsing and the absence of full website usability, during user’s browsing.

b. Statistic cookies

Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with the websites by collecting and reporting information to a usually anonymous base, in order to improve the website and the content provision that users seek (e.g., the webpages they visited more often, the time they spent on the website or if they have encountered problems or received error messages by the webpages). These cookies are placed by us or third providers, on behalf of us.

c. Marketing cookies

These cookies are intended to provide content that suits more to users and their interests. They collect users’ preferences, in order to send targeted advertising, limited advertising impressions or measuring the effectiveness of a specific advertising campaign. These cookies are placed by us or third parties, on behalf of us and help us to provide personalized and targeted information (messages and content in general) both during and after users’ visit to our website. Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across Websites. The intention is to display ads that are relevant and engaging for the individual user and thereby more valuable for publishers and third party advertisers.

d. Preference cookies

Preference cookies enable a Website to remember information that changes the way the Website behaves or looks, like your preferred language or the region that you are in.

e. Analysis Cookies

We use Google Analytics cookies to help us improve our Website by gathering information about how you use it.

4. Accept Cookies

4.1. By connecting to this site, you are aware of the relevant information message (pop-up window or banner) for the use of cookies in our website, in which you should choose the cookies category you wish to accept (apart from the necessary cookies). With the above acceptance, you explicitly provide your consent to use the specific cookies category, keeping a relevant electronic file of your choice by us.

5. Disable Cookies

5.1. The process of deleting or managing cookies is simple and corresponding to the browser, each user uses. Specifically, the process of deleting cookies regarding the most well-known browsers, is described in the following links:

a. Google Chrome

b. Mozilla Firefox

c. Microsoft Edge

d. Safari Web Browser

5.2. Moreover, you can at any time change or withdraw your consent from the Cookies Policy on our Website.

6. User rights

6.1. In any case, you have the control of your personal data processing, preserving your rights (right of access, correction, deletion of data portability, objection, restriction of processing) as provided in the applicable legal framework on personal data protection, especially in General Data Protecion Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (art. 13 GDPR) and in the Privacy Policy of our Company.

7. Contact – Controller Details

7.1. “MY BLOSSOM TRAVEL AND REAL ESTATE SINGLE MEMBER P.C.” Mykonos Argirena 84600, Greece, phone number: +306955654507, e-mail:

14. Contact – Controller Details

14.1. “KENNEDY’S GROUP AND REAL ESTATE SINGLE MEMBER P.C.” Mykonos Argirena 84600, Greece, phone number: [+306955654507], e-mail: