Bodrum Villas

Bodrum Villas

Our Luxury Villas in Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum Villas

Luxury Villas in Bodrum

Where the East meets the West

An intriguing mix of east and west, tradition and modern life, Bodrum is where luxurious marinas and amazing clubs meet bustling bazaars and atmospheric hammams. This charming peninsula, well-known for its glam and natural beauty, swims in the crystal-blue waters of the Aegean sea and represents the most contemporary face of the Turkish tourist industry. Home to one of the ancient world’s 7 wonders, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Bodrum, located directly across the Greek island of Kos, has rich history, cosmopolitan ambiance and oriental flair all packed between its golden beaches, pine-fringed hillsides, yacht-lined marinas, and serene coastal villages. Here you can have it all, the luxurious hotels, the jaw-dropping resorts, the small hidden coves, the dining over the water posh restaurants, the 24/7 vibrant lifestyle, the magical cruises, the rejuvenating spa and wellness experiences, but also the historical sightseeing, the folklore bazaar hopping, the local gastronomy strolls, the Islamic mosques’ presence. As Bodrum is home to some of the world’s most famous luxury hospitality brands and glamorous clubs, it magnetises an affluent crowd of world-travellers seeking for the perfect balance between picturesque beauty and glam settings.

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The Turkish equivalent of Mykonos island or the French riviera, but with an exotic twist, has been drawing the attention of the global jet-setting travelling crowd for some time now, and with good reason. Luxurious yachts adorn its cosmopolitan port, amazing crystal-clear blue waters and beautiful small coves await to offer endless days under the sun, and a vibrant day and nightlife make Bodrum one of the most sought-after destinations in the eastern Mediterranean.

Here you will find everything worth knowing about the Bodrum, so that you enjoy this amazing floating piece of land and its endless possibilities to its absolute fullest!

About Bodrum

Bodrum, Turkey

When to Visit
Bodrum, due to its proximity to Greece and the Greek islands, has a climate more or less identical to the Dodecanese. Hot summers and mild winters are the main thing here, with over 300 days of sunshine making it a favourite destination for sun-lovers and summer enthusiasts. Very high temperatures can be reached during summer months, with very low humidity and some cool breezes though making things rather pleasant for anyone seeking to live the beach life to the fullest, while winters are modestly rainy, just to keep the all-green backdrop blooming. June, July, and August are considered the peak season here, but May and September are also amazing, as you get to enjoy all the beautiful locations and experiences without the summer crowds. Early spring and autumn months are also a very good time to visit Bodrum, as the weather is great for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

Why Bodrum
A perfect mix of tradition and modernity, Bodrum is where the calls for prayer by the muezzin by day give place to house and techno music vibes by night, where the severe mosques coexist with luxurious international brand resorts, and where fine dining hotel restaurants go hand in hand with delicious local street food experiences in the bustling bazaars. This diverse scene is one of the most intriguing travelling opportunities in the world, and it comes together with top-notch hospitality and impeccable services. Bodrum is a world-travellers paradise waiting to be explored.

Bodrum Experiences
There are plenty of things to do on this gorgeous sun-kissed peninsula, but most importantly lay under the shining sun with a fruit-forward cocktail in hand and dive in and out the pristine waters of the azure sea. If you do manage to leave the impressive wooden deck hanging over the water and the comfort of your luxurious resort, scuba diving is a big thing here as the seabed is one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean. The island of Orak is ideal for all kinds of divers, and it presents visitors with stunning rock formations, a deep volcanic underwater wall that reaches about 70 metres of depth, and fascinating sea life. Windsurfing at Bitez beach is also quite popular, while all locals say you cannot leave here without visiting the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, the Bodrum Castle, at least one of the colourful street markets, and some of the coastal fish restaurants for dinners served almost directly from the water to your plate.

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