Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Effective December 2021

1. Introduction

1.1. With the present Information policy regarding Personal Data processing for website visitors (hereinafter “Policy”, “Privacy Policy”), our Company with the name “KENNEDY’S GROUP AND REAL ESTATE SINGLE MEMBER P.C.” (hereinafter “Company”, “we”, “Controller”, “KG”, “My Blossom” ), respecting the privacy of its website users and visitors (hereinafter “visitors”, “you”, “users”) and vigilant to ensure personal data confidentiality and security, provides necessary information and notifies upon both personal data processing and your rights, being the subject of data processing.

1.2. In order to be transparent regarding the way of collection, use and storage of personal data, the Company encourage website visitors, and anyone interested to read this Policy, so as to be aware of the following information.

1.3. The Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time, whenever needed, without prior notice to you. The amendments will apply on the date they are published in this website. We encourage you to regularly review the Privacy Policy, as your continued use of our website implies that you have accepted such amendments.

1.4. Website user, by reading this Policy, is informed for the below-mentioned processing, which is in agreement with the applicable personal data protection law, exclusively for the purposes mentioned and for all purposes compatible with them. If you do not agree with the use of your data according to Privacy Policy, please stop using our website.

1.5. The “KG website” refers to KG’s websites, our mobile, tablet and other smart applications, and all associated KG services

2. Legislative framework

2.1. The processing of your personal data is governed by the relevant provisions of the applicable national legislation for personal data protection (law 2472/1997, law 4624/2019, law 3471/2006, as they apply etc), European Union Directives and Regulations (in particular Personal Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 – GDPR, hereinafter “GDPR”), as well as relevant decisions, instructions and regulations of Hellenic Data Protection Authority (hereinafter “HDPA”) and is subjected to legal formalities and restrictions imposed.

3. Collected and Processed Personal Data and processing legality

3.1. Our Company informs you that, through its website, collects information about you contextually, only if you provide personal data, which are necessary for the beginning, maintenance and execution of transactional relations with the Company, existing or future, depending on the providing product or service and the current procedures and policies of our Company.

3.2. In particular, according to the above-mentioned, our Company through its website, collects and processes the following personal data, with the following legal bases and for the following purposes:

a. Your name, your e-mail address (e-mail) and all information that you provide in the “contact” field, when you fill the contact form in order to contact with the Company, for the purpose of communication, answering any queries, solving any issues and in general managing any issues arising, as necessary to pursue Company’s legal interests, in the context of service and providing optimal services to you (art. 6 par.1 per. f GDPR) or/and in the context of taking action upon your request, before and/or after the contract/agreement conclusion between us (art.6 par.1 per. f GDPR).

b. Your name, e-mail address (e-mail), and any other information you may provide in “Newsletter” field, in order to stay in touch with our Company, to receive from us promotional material, in order to be informed about the range of our services that may interest you and are provided through the website as necessary to pursue Company’s legal interests, including our interests in providing innovative, personalized, secure and profitable services to our users and partners (art.6 par.1 per.f GDPR).

c. Your name, e-mail address, address, financial details, card details, phone number, mobile phone number, bank account, id, tax id and other proof of identification or verification in order to verify your identity, check- in and check- out dates when you make a booking from our website or by contacting us via e-mail and in order to process your booking as necessary to pursue Company’s legal interest, in the context of service and providing optimal services to you (art. 6 par.1 per. f GDPR) or/and in the context of taking action upon your request, before and/or after the contract/agreement conclusion between us (art.6 par.1 per. b GDPR).

d. We receive your technical data such as Internet Protocol (IP) address, whenever you browse our website, as well as the way you use our website (q.v. Cookies Policy), navigation program you use, time zone and location, operating system and its version, the size of the screen, the name of the device and its manufacturer, the IMEI code of the device etc.

3.3. Collection and processing of the above-mentioned personal data by the Company, is carried out only if you provide them to us, for purposes mentioned herein and for purposes compatible with them.

3.4. In any case, our Company ensures that complies with the processing principles, according to the current legal framework for personal data protection, namely, the principle of legality, objectivity and transparency, the principle of purpose limitation, the principle of data minimization, the principle of accuracy, the principal of limitation of storage period and the principle of integrity and confidentiality (art.5 GDPR).

3.5. Our website may contain links to third party websites or services, such as third-party integrations, co-branded services, or third party-branded services (“Third Party Partners”). The Company doesn’t own or control these Third Party Partners and when you interact with them, you may be providing information directly to the Third Party Partner, or both. These Third Party Partners will have their own rules about the collection, use, and disclosure of information. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the other websites you visit.

3.6. Parts of the website use Google Maps/Earth services, including the Google Maps API(s). Use of Google Maps/Earth is subject to Google Maps/Earth Additional Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy.

4. Processing of special categories Personal Data

4.1. Our Company does not process, through its website, your sensitive personal data (special categories data), such as data related to your racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious and philosophical views or your participation in a trade union, genetic or biometric data for the purpose of identifying you as the subject of process, as well as health data or data related to your sexual life or your sexual orientation, given that all the above are not necessary for the fulfilment of the above purposes, applying the principal of minimization, necessity and proportionality.

5. Minors’ Personal Data

5.1. For the purposes of this Policy, minors are considered as the people who haven’t complete their eighteenth (18) year. Our Company does not process, through its website, minors’ personal data.

5.2. It is pointed out, when personal data processing is based on consent according to art.6 par. 1 f a) GDPR, in relation to service provision by information society directly to a child, the consent provided by the minor and consequently the processing is legal, if the minor is at least fifteen (15) years old. In case that the minor is under fifteen (15) years old, process is legal only if the consent is provided or approved by the person who has the parental care of the minor (q.v. art. 8 GDPR in combination with art. 21 law 4624/2019).

5.3. If you are a parent or guardian and occurred to you that your minor child has provided his personal data to our Company, please contact us immediately. For our part, if we realize that personal data that we process belongs to a minor, without his parent or guardian consent, the Company takes necessary measures to immediate delete this data and to avoid such future incidents.

6. Recipients of your Personal Data

6.1. Our Company preserves the confidentiality of your personal data and, as a rule, does not transfer them to any third party (individual or legal), apart from where it is required or permitted by the law. Your personal data, on a case by case, is transferred to our Company’s departments, whichever is in charge in any case. The employees authorized by the Company process them for the purposes of contractual and transactional relation and are committed with clauses of confidentiality, in order to ensure your data privacy.

6.2. Contextually, the Company may transfer personal data to the competent supervisory, control, regulatory, independent, judicial, public or/and other authorities and bodies, in the context of fulfilling Company’s legal obligations, when permitted by the law and required in order to comply with a legal obligation or to document, exercise, defend or refute legal claims.

6.3. Furthermore, personal data may, in case by case, be transferred to third parties (individuals or legal), to whom our Company entrusts the execution of specific tasks such as managing of your accommodation, coordinating your stay or providing additional services, such as cleaning services, insurance or activities providers.

6.4. Our Company may transfer your personal data within our corporate family of companies (both financial and non-financial entities) that are related by common ownership or control. Additionally, we share your information with our affiliates to support, integrate, promote, and improve the KG website and our affiliates’ services. Our affiliates include other Kennedy’s Group companies.

7. Personal Data international transfers

7.1. Our Company does not generally transfer your personal data to third countries (outside EU or EEA) or international organizations that do not ensure an adequate level of protection (under Adequacy Decision etc.).

7.2. In any case all transfers follow and comply with the relevant provisions of the applicable legal framework, especially art.44 GDPR.

8. Personal Data retention period

8.1. Personal data retention takes place for specific purposes and lasts for a reasonable period, in order to fulfil the respective purpose (process limitation).

8.2. Your personal data are maintained by our Company in printed or/and electronic form, during your contractual relation with the Company and individual contractual commitments of the latter, depending on its nature, taking into consideration Company’s legal obligations and any legal claims that may be raised by it, in order to justify the retention period of personal data.

8.3. Additionally, contextually, received and processed data during the pre-contractual stage (e.g., when sending a message of interest etc.), are kept for five (5) years, under the reservation of applicable law, to extend its time.

8.4. The Company sets as a maximum retention period of personal data, the twenty (20) years with the possibility of extension, in case of a claim or pending litigation or indication of control by public (tax, etc.) authorities.

8.5. In cases that personal data processing is based on the consent provided, data is kept by the Company for as long as provided by the law, depending on the purpose and processing type, including Company’s legal obligation for this retention.

9. Technical and Organizational measures

9.1. Our Company takes the appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the technological and physical security, according to the applicable law (art. 32 GDPR).

10. Security – Data Breaches

10.1. The Company shows, as far as possible, diligence in order to continuously implementing and updating administrative, technical, and physical security measures to help protect your information against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, or alteration and ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of personal data. Thus, it remains prepared in order to validly and timely deal with a possible personal data breach. For this reason, it draws up, adopts, updates and applies appropriate internal procedures, in accordance with best practices and international standards.

11. Cookies Collection

11.1. For the proper functioning of our website, cookies are used, in order to make or facilitate communication transfer between us, through the electronic communication network. For further information about cookies, you may refer to our Company’s Cookies Policy, which is posted in our website.

12. Social Media Guideliness

12.1. Our Company ensures its presence in social media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter. Ιn combination with our Policy, the Company provides to its website users the necessary information about personal data processing, through social media.

12.2. Thus, through social media, our Company often gives you the opportunity to submit comments, send messages, be informed about our news etc. In all above-mentioned cases, regarding personal data processing, Controllers are both our Company and the respective responsible person of social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) according to art. 26 GDPR. So, it is not always possible to have full knowledge about data type that operators of each platform process, but we still make effort, take care of our social media pages configuration and act according to the possibilities we have from operators, in order to ensure personal data processing, according to the applicable legal framework. When you interact with us through social media, the purpose of processing your personal data is, in particular, your support (where the possibility exists, e.g., contact us through sending message or comment). If you contact us through the above-mentioned ways, legal basis of processing is the legal interest of our Company, in the context of your service and requests, issues or concerns resolution (art.6 par1 per.f GDPR).

12.3. If you wish to receive more information about personal data processing from social media platforms operators and to be further informed, you may refer, in any case:

a. Facebook

b. Instagram

c. Twitter

d. LinkedIn

e. YouTube

f. Pinterest

13. Data Subject rights and Exercising Data Subject rights

13.1. As data subjects, you retain all your rights, as provided by the legal framework on data protection, namely:

a. The right to transparent information for the exercise of your rights (art.12,13,14 GDPR), before and during the processing, i.e., the right to be informed about personal data processing (as detailed in this Policy).

b. Right of access (art.15 GDPR) to your personal data processed by the Company, as a Controller, i.e., the ability to know and to receive a copy of the data concerning you.

c. The right to correct inaccurate data and to complete incomplete data (art. 16 GDPR), i.e., the right to correct your data and information, retained by our Company.

d. The right to delete personal data / «the right to be forgotten» (art. 17 GDPR). This right is under conditions and obligations and Company’s legal claims, in order to retain data, according to the provisions of applicable law. The request to delete some or all your personal data may be satisfied under specific circumstances and without prejudice to legal reasons for retaining and continuing of Company’s processing and providing that Company interests are not being affected.

e. The right to personal data portability, i.e., you have the right to request your personal data, in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format, as well as to be transferred, under legal terms and conditions, to another controller, since this does not adversely affect the rights and freedom of others, according to the provisions of law (art. 20 GDPR).

f. The right to object to personal data processing, under to Company’s legal obligations or when the processing is carried out in the context of fulfilling Company’s superior legal interest, like opposition to profiling or direct marketing (art. 21 GDPR)

g. The right to withdraw the already given consent, which concerns the possibility to withdraw the consent at any time, regarding the processing, which is based on the consent (art. 7 par. 3 GDPR). It is noted that, in this case, the legality of personal data processing is not affected by the withdrawal of the consent, until the time of withdrawal.

13.2. Any request regarding your personal data and your rights exercise, according to the provisions of the applicable legal framework for personal data protection, should be addressed in written in the following e-mail address: [[email protected]] Moreover, you may also send a letter to our postal address or submit a request by yourself, in our Company address.

13.3. Our Company binds to make every effort, in order to take the required actions, within a period of thirty (30) days from the receipt of each request, unless the work, regarding its fulfillment, is characterized by particularities or/and complications, under which the Company has the right to extend the time for completion of operations, for an additional sixty (60) days. Certainly, in this case, the subject will be informed for the above-mentioned extension, within thirty (30) days.

13.4. In case our answer does not satisfy you, you have the right to file a complaint to the competent national supervisory authority, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (Kifisias Av. 1-3, 11523, Athens, phone number: 210 6475600, Before filing a complaint, consult the official Website of the Authority “”, to check that your complaint can be legally admitted.

14. Contact – Controller Details

14.1. “KENNEDY’S GROUP AND REAL ESTATE SINGLE MEMBER P.C.” Mykonos Argirena 84600, Greece, phone number: [+306955654507], e-mail: [email protected]