Twelve Gods Themed Party Mykonos

Twelve Gods Themed Party Mykonos
Twelve Gods Themed PartyTwelve Gods Themed PartyTwelve Gods Themed PartyTwelve Gods Themed Party

Twelve Gods

From Mount Olympus to Mykonos Island!

There is only one thing we love more than birthday parties, and that is theme birthday parties! One of our most beloved guests asked us to organize something truly unique for his 50th birthday, and we dare say we rose to the occasion with some ancient Greek glam and strong doses of Mykonos awesomeness.

This 4day birthday event had it all, and in quite an abundance, as the 12 Olympian Gods left the wuthering heights of the great Mount Olympus and landed on the island of Mykonos just for this very special occasion.

Twelve Gods Themed Event by Kennedy’s Group

Zeus, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athena, Apollo, Hera, and the rest of the Twelve Olympians wore their beautiful golden-white tunics and mingled with the esteemed guests, while a beautiful and talented harpist paid her respects to the sun as it was setting in the glimmering sea. From the most crucial elements down to the slightest detail everything was cared for in the most fitting of manners; from the golden tiaras and the white kimonos handed to all guests arriving at the stunning villa that hosted the main party to the live acts of Greco -Roman wrestling and the mesmerising dancers playing with fire, everything was speaking of the ancient Greek glory revived at this amazing event.

The evil-eye charm to be found in every plate as a memento, the lavish autumn fruit buffet, the amazing art de la table, as well as the imposing pool deck hosting the live band and DJ Lannka literally stole the hearts of guests away, in a birthday party that will be remembered for years to come.

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