Helicopters for Charter

Fly me to the Moon!

Ok, maybe not to the moon, but surely wherever else you need to be. Our helicopter fleet and experienced pilots await to fly you through the clear blue sky and offer you a once-in-lifetime experience. Either you are a sworn adventure-seeker or just a traveller looking for the most efficient way to go places, our Helicopter Service is the most stylish answer to your prayers. Keeping in mind that some of our most luxurious villas have their own private helipad, you can simply imagine what we could arrange for you and your loved ones.

Why to book

We can guarantee you the best possible rates.

Our professional drivers and chauffeurs are perfectly accustomed to the difficult driving circumstances on Mykonos Island and can take you everywhere safely and on time.
Plus, you won’t need to accomplish the -next to impossible- Mykonos parking task!

We are explicit in running background checks on our personnel, which simply means our drivers are highly trained, extremely reliable, and utterly discreet. Feel safe and pampered while driven around Mykonos!

Our drivers speak very good English, so misunderstandings are out of the question when dealing with us.