Superfood Breakfast

Superfood Breakfast
Superfood BreakfastSuperfood BreakfastSuperfood Breakfast

Superfood Breakfast


Poached eggs with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes & halloumi cheese
Pita bread wraps with chicken, green salad, dressed with vegan cashew mayonnaise
Porridge with nuts, thyme-infused honey & Ceylon cinnamon
Avocado tartare served on avocado shells
Energy bars (tahini, nuts, dry fruits & honey)
Energy yogurt bowl with chia pudding, Acai & coconut flakes


  • Energetic smoothies with yogurt, avocado, chia seeds, honey & maca powder​
  • Fresh green juice with spinach, sour apple, ginger, lemon & parsley​
  • Coffee​
  • Tea​