Swimming Lessons

Keep my Kids Happy!

Becoming one with the winds and the water, riding the waves and sliding on the vast blue Greek sea…what a feeling of utter freedom and a rush of adrenaline. Kite Mykonos is the best place to learn, if you are a beginner, or train, if you are an experienced athlete, but first and foremost it is the ideal spot to introduce your little ones to the magical world of watersports, such as kitesurfing, sailing and windsurfing. The amazing professionals of Kite Mykonos offer top quality services, emphasizing on every aspect of safety procedures, by highly experienced IKO certified instructors and with top-notch equipment. Teach your kids the fun of the sea and the value of sports, with these personalised courses through which they will have the time of their life on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. At the same time maybe, this is the best chance for you to also hit the waves and have some precious family fun on the island of the winds!

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